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UchFit is a universal handle for personal belongings that you take with you to the gym: water, towel, smartphone/phone, sweatshirt, and other things you need at hand and don’t want to leave them in the locker. In other words, all things that you used to put on the floor, the windowsill or hang on the gym equipment during your training. Now you have UCHFIT. Bring new order to your trainings.

UchFit is a universal, innovative handle designed for the sports industry. It has three key functionalities:

– Holder for a bottle up to 0.8 L or 74 mm (2.91 in.) in diameter

– Magnetic, standalone smartphone holder — thanks to silicone ribbons it can be adapted to virtually every smartphone size

– Hooks for towel, keys and other accessories

The whole set is mobile thanks to strong magnets that can be attached to the metal surface of virtually every workout equipment in the gym.
You simply bring your UchFit with you, put your things on it and keep them with you during the whole training. Thanks to the smartphone holder, you can easily take photos, record videos or make live streams. Just use it as a smartphone stand and put wherever you want. Don’t limit yourself to standard shots – surprise yourself and others!

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