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Inventor of UchFit and manager of the whole UchFit project. Since the creation of first prototypes, he has been the leading tester of UchFit functionality and usefulness. Every morning, he wakes up early to train his body and mind. Big fan of new and handy solutions that combine quality and technology.
In his professional life, Konrad has been working for companies from the IT and FMCG sectors for almost 20 years now. After work, he spends time with his family — wife and two charming daughters. His great passion are role-playing games and fantasy/SF literature.


Ula is responsible for UchFit marketing and for finding new business partners. A well of energy and new ideas. No matter what happens, she always has a funny anecdote to share. Her deep understanding of the marketing industry makes her extremely efficient in negotiations. She loves animals, especially dogs.


In our team, Tadeusz is responsible for all technical and production-related issues. He is skeptical on the one hand, and full of ideas on the other. Every detail of UchFit design has to get his approval. Ula, his wife, describes him as a person constantly thirsty for knowledge and technical innovations. He keeps learning new things, loves reading books (and listening to their audio versions). A big fan of pop culture and SF.


In his business life, Piotr worked for Google for many years and, recently, he started cooperation with Allegro. In his eyes, internet is made of sessions, clicks and rates. When trying to solve a problem, Piotr always looks for the most efficient solution. In his daily work, he draws inspiration from Apple and Spotify.

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