Our partners have also contributed to the creation of UchFit.

Human is a new fitness philosophy that aims to shape human beauty through the physical and intellectual development, improvement of health and self-esteem. We create a place with a man at its center.

Together with Human clubs we are changing the fitness industry. In these clubs, you can buy UchFit and bring it with you to the training.


Personal Training Academy

was created by experts in their fields who combined knowledge, skills and personal qualities to make this initiative happen. Professionals who have developed their knowledge over the years, built their position and gained experience now act as lecturers.

UchFit is supporting the trainers and – through our product – also the trainings.

SOLIDEXPERT tis an authorized provider of MICROSOFT and SOLIDWORKS solutions in the field of CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM/ERP. Why are we mentioning it? Because thanks to the courtesy of organizers of the Młodzi w Łodzi– Mam pomysł na startup – (Youth in Lodz – I have an idea for startup) program, we received annual licenses for a full SolidWorks package for startups from its manufacturer.

How did it help us? At that time, UchFit was at the pre-production stage and we were finishing the testing phase where the appearance, mountings and functionalities could be verified only on prototypes made using 3D printers. Creating models with SolidWorks was much simpler and faster. In addition, thanks this software we could develop the right shape for the production of the injection mold in a fully professional manner. is a blog about interesting people, products and ideas. Always at hand for those who seek inspiration. Our media partner, great support in social media and in real life – this is Kasia! Great friend and true professional in every possible way.

Thank you!

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